The Ben Ish Chai Metal Portrait

This framed artwork of the Ben Ish Chai is rendered in laser cut stainless steel on a background of acrylic.

The portrait of the Ben Ish Chai comprises of several simple shapes which are precision laser cut from brushed, matt, stainless steel. The lines are sleek and neat. The result is a modern work of art which gives off a dignified spiritual aura.

Rav Yosef Chaim (רב יוסף חיים) lived in Bagdad from 1835 until 1909. He is best known by the name of one of his most famous works – the Ben Ish Chai ( בן איש חי ).

Custom engraving leIlui Nishmat or for donor opportunities is available.

From: $800

The Ben Ish Chai (בן איש חי) was the pseudonym of Rav Yosef Chaim of Bagdad. He lived from 1835 until 1909 and was considered the leading Rabbi of Bagdad following the passing of his father.

On his advice Yeshivat Porat Yosef (at which Rav Ovadyia Yosef and Rav Benzion Abba Shaul later learnt and taught) was established in Yerusalayim.

He was a prolific author – writing over 30 seforim, of which several of his most well known ones are naemd after descriptions of one of King David’s closest advisors – Benayahu ben Yehoyada.

This unique Jewish art is the perfect gift for a special occasion; a wedding, anniversary or father’s day.

This is a special modern Jewish artwork that will always be cherished and infuse value into its surroundings.

The Jewish portrait’s neutral majestic materials will integrate easily into every space and elevate the aesthetics around it.