Gedolim Portrait Gallery

Our Jewish wall art integrates easily into every living area or office space. 

The framed artworks are crafted from laser cut stainless steel on a bed of reflective black acrylic.

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Creating a Gedolim Gallery

Gedolim are the center of a religious Jewish home.

They are the connection to the Torah world and the leaders and role models of the parents and the children of all generations.

Creating a gedolim gallery on the walls of your home brings home the message of how important the influence of these Torah leaders are to us.

Ben Zion’s modern gedolim portraits can be arranged as a Jewish art gallery on a focal wall in your home.


Due to their modular nature you can choose the gedolim that have influenced your lives and arrange them together in a grid on your wall.

A line of one, two or three in a row align very well on a wall. The linear approach can work very well above a sofa, or above a dining room table or on a corridor wall.

Creating a grid of 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 artworks together creates a powerful focus in your office.

This creates a spectacular artwork in and of itself and a focus point of values.


The Gedolim gallery is a perfect addition to your office space to create a fancy art wall which also shows your values and work ethics clearly.

Curating a Gedolim Gallery

Its is very important to consider the space you are working with.

As the artworks are modular and square, they can be hung in various formations depending on your space.

As long as uniformity and consistency is ensured then they will look beautiful in any space.

For example when hanging three artworks next to each other ensure the space between each two is consistent, no matter if its 20cm or 5 cm between.


Hanging art is an art form in itself and it should be done ideally by a professional that will give time to make sure its perfectly aligned to the space. This makes all the difference.

Tips for hanging a Gedolim Gallery

  1. Decide if your space is better with a linear layout or a grid layout which is more square and vertical
  2. Decide how many artworks would best fill the space you have
  3. Symmetry is very important to creating harmony. 
  4. Ensure the spacing between the artworks is consistent
  5. Ensure the gedolim artworks are alighted exactly straight next to each other
  6. It is best to use a professional with an eye for detail when hanging your gedolim pictures in your gallery.
  7. Remember to give your atworks a wipe when you are done to remove any fingerprints that may have gotten on them. Wipe only with a Windex type product and a clean microfibre cloth
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