Ben Zion Signature Art

The story behind Ben Zion Art

“You did this??” Upon hearing about our new business initiative – Ben Zion Fine Arts, people kept asking us these questions. “How did you do this? When did you do this? How did this all

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Chofetz Chaim photo on the wall of an office

I wanted a home not a house

When we got married, we started rearranging our belongings to create the beginning of a house. But I was really working towards creating a home – a Jewish home. The mezuzos went up first, the

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ovadia yosef baba sali

Good art evokes strong emotion

Design evokes emotion. Good art evokes strong emotion. My mother-in-law is a contemporary artist. For close to a decade she focused on the theme of “War and Play”. Her body of work for her degree

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rav soloveitchik rav kook rav sheinberg metal portrait rav moshe feinstein metal portrait

I connect to beautiful things

I connect to beautiful things. Don’t get me wrong, I am a very spiritual person, but I enjoy beautiful things. I naturally gravitate towards them with no encouragement. And if I find something unattractive or

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Sephardi chachamim portraits in gallery on wall

Jew in a foreign land

Leaving Yeshiva was a big decision. Deciding to study engineering in a university was also a big decision. Understanding the issues I was about to face in my new surroundings did not let me sleep

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Pnei Menachem portrait in office

Ase Lecha Rav

How am I supposed to have a kesher with a Rav when I am at work most of the day? Creating a connection with a Rav is of utmost importance in maintaining a strong connection

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Litvak gedolim portraits from Ben Zion fine arts

Find your community!

When we emigrated we left a thriving community that I was an intrinsic part of.⠀⠀We knew we had to move and we were grateful for the opportunity to move to an established torah community with

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metal gedolim artworks in hotel lobby

Two day shabbos in New Zealand?

The international dateline has no bearing in halacha but it can cause quite a headache when crossing the halachik dateline. The international dateline is situated 180 degrees from Greenwich in London and very conveniently cuts

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Gedolim pictures in lobby of office

Chag at work

The flimsy nature of the sukkah can represent the uncertainty in our own lives. This feels especially resonant in 2021. We do not know what the future holds. Who will be struck by Covid, or

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rebbe picture on succah wall

Games or Chinuch?

Two months before Succot my boys came back from shul with a few small cards with pictures of Gedolei Yisroel. Its the latest series, they said. We get doubles so we can also swap with

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Moshe feinstein picture on our succah wall

Our succos story

Succot was pivotal in developing our metal gedolim artworks. Our strong desire to hang Gedolim pictures in our home as a focal point for our family values and inspiration never went away, but we never

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