Ben Zion Signature Art

The story behind Ben Zion Art

“You did this??” Upon hearing about our new business initiative – Ben Zion Fine Arts, people kept asking us these questions. “How did you do this? When did you do this? How did this all

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Sephardic chachamim portraits in a modern room

This is my G-d and I will glorify Him

Hiddur Mitzvah is to glorify or beautify the observances and celebrations within Jewish tradition as a demonstration of our commitment to G-d. This value challenges us to think about not simply following a mitzvah, but

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4 gedolim on all above couch

My Zen home

How can I create a Jewish ambiance in my contemporary home? Here are some tips to start with… 👉 define a home for your shabbos candles 👉 design a place to wash before a meal

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Jewish art in modern office with gedolim portraits

Every detail counts in chinuch

My company is so huge that the traffic blocks the local highway!⠀⠀Our working hours are modified to accommodate the roads. as the traffic caused by workers arriving and leaving blocks the surrounding roads.⠀⠀It means that

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Chazon ish Jewish art i a modern office

Keep the connection going

My years at Yeshiva ended with me going to university, but over the years I have worked to keep up a connection. I am in touch with the Yeshiva periodically. I visit it and meet

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Gedolim pictures on exhibit

Your Jewish Origins

When I was 17 I discovered my huge family of cousins. My far cousin was having a local wedding. Suddenly I was inundated with cousins flying in from all over the world and I had

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gedolim of bnei brak

Gedolim of Bnei Brak

The Bnei Brak of today is a bustling bastion of Torah, Chassidus, and Yiddishkeit. However, this city is in fact quite young – less than one hundred years ago it was little more than a

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Chafetz Chaim portrait in a modern office

Focus on values at work

Do you ever have a really busy day? Then another one? Actually the whole week? I have my whole long itemized to do list in front of me that never ends. And I diligently work

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