Ben Zion Signature Art

The story behind Ben Zion Art

“You did this??” Upon hearing about our new business initiative – Ben Zion Fine Arts, people kept asking us these questions. “How did you do this? When did you do this? How did this all

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Pnei Menachem Gerrer rebbe portrait

Jewish history

Our Jewish history is our strength. Jewish history gives us the strength to create a new Jewish reality We keep ourselves connected to our mesora and our leaders on a yearly cycle and use it

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YossiG Jewish architect in Williamsburg meets with Ben Zion

Presenting to YossiG Design

Travelling to East Williamsburg was quite an adventure. Not your typical Jewish neighborhood. The lobby of the building was so beautifully and creatively designed that we knew we were entering a professional creative space. As

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Gedolim pictures on the wall of a beautiful kitchen. Rav Kanievsky, Rav Shteinman, Rav Finkel

Two weeks without my wife

My wife went away for 2 weeks to visit her family. She left us with everything we needed. Freezer packed, tasks defined, schedule, phone numbers and everything that we might need to get through. We

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Mishpacha magazine article with Naama Goldberg


Kids, we are in Mishpacha! No Ima, YOU are in Mishpacha. No! WE are in Mishpacha! The article titled “Meet Naama Goldberg” in the Mishpacha magazine seemed to imply this was all about one person.

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pnei menachem rav shayale

Laser cutting metal lessons

What I learnt working with laser cutting metal: Lasers strength is variable – if the intensity is too low you can’t cut cleanly but if it’s too high you’ll damage the material. The thickness of

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rav shteinman rav gustman rav finkal

Minimalism is a breath of fresh air

Minimalism takes form, color, and space and reduces them to such simplicity to attain their essential nature. At this point, the philosophy goes, one can’t remove anything else from the design to improve it further in

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chofetz chayim lubabich

Our space is precious

Our space is precious. And powerful. It impacts our productivity. It impacts our well being. It impacts our growth. Wall art has to be integrated into our space in our homes and offices in a

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rav shteinman rav gustman

The top ranking keyword on Etsy

Did you know what the top ranking keyword on Etsy for the last few months is?? minimalist! so what is minimalism then? At its core, minimalist design (or minimalism) is functional. No extras, no waste.

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