A husband and wife team of designer and engineer, Asher and Naama Goldberg worked together to fulfill a dream.

They produced a set of unique artworks for their living room to finally surround themselves and their family with Torah Giants in a way that integrated into their modern living environment while reflecting the greatness of the sages.

It was a long process to perfect the artworks to the highest of quality standards and to a top minimalistic modern design.

Once the artworks were up on their wall, they discovered that others seek the same goal and that they could spread greatness through their artworks.

“We would like to enable Jewish homes to incorporate their beloved and respected Jewish leaders who stand for their core values into their surroundings as in all other areas of their lives”

The artworks are laser cut from stainless steel on a background of acrylic. All portraits are individually hand-finished, framed and ready to hang.