Custom Portraits

We are happy to offer custom portraits to our clients.

Custom artwork requires custom development. This is a unique, hand made, multistage process.

Join us in understanding the process and the requirements.

Steps in the Development Process

Artistic Representation

An artistic representation has to be successfully created from a high resolution photo that you provide.

Technical Representation

The artist representation has to be rendered into a format that can be used for the laser cutting process.


The stainless steel sheet has to be custom cut according to the vector file specifications


The final artwork has to be hand assembled to ensure top quality.



Gedolim portrait from our collection
$ 800
  • Choose from our existing collection
  • Delivery within a week
  • Artwork size 46cm x 46cm (18" x 18")

Custom Rav

Custom Rav portrait not in our collection
$ 1000
  • Gadol portrait not currently in our collection
  • High resolution image needed
  • Production time estimate 10 weeks
  • Portrait will be included in our collection
  • Artwork size 46cm x 46cm (18" x 18")

Custom Portrait

Custom portrait
$ 1800
  • Custom family artwork
  • High resolution image needed
  • Production time estimate 10 weeks
  • Artwork size 46cm x 46cm (18" x 18")

Pricing Structure for Custom Portraits

Due to the heavily customized process, the pricing is dependent on the quantity of units ordered.

A greater quantity drastically reduces the price.

For example if the family would like to honor their grand parents and order a custom artwork of them for each of the family members then this would reduce the individual unit price.

Prices quoted are for an artwork of size 46cm x 46cm (18″ x 18″).

Bigger sizes are also available, contact us for a custom quote.

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