Focus on values at work
Focus on values at work

Do you ever have a really busy day? Then another one? Actually the whole week?

I have my whole long itemized to do list in front of me that never ends. And I diligently work through it. And work and work.

But work is not my only priority. I know that in my head.

My home, my husband, my children, myself have to be nurtured. And are really really important to me! And make me flourish too.

How can I strengthen myself to keep that focus and not be swallowed by my to do list??

I need help. I cant do this alone!

And so, I structured my working space, not only to increase my efficiency, but also to remind me of primary Jewish values.

Values of home and family, but also of integrity, learning, leadership and motivation, relevant in every scenario, in every generation. Beyond the shuls and yeshivahs.

I wanted to hold onto those values.

The strongest impact was a visual reminder of this. I put up a Ben Zion Fine Arts artwork of the Chafetz Chaim.

A powerful figure and a do-er. Its modern visual appearance blended easily into my contemporary office and its visual impact did the trick!

Without being intrusive, it penetrated my daily interaction with a subtle reminder of the overall guiding principle that I wanted to navigate my life.

It does the trick.