Airplanes and artworks?

Metal Stainless Steel Detail Artwork of Gedolim and Holy Places

What does metal for airplanes and artworks have in common? Not much, except me! Metal comes in all types and strengths. I know, I work with it every day, all day as an aeronautical engineer. I know that a quarter of a millimeter can make all the difference in strength and ability. With airplanes I […]

My North American Adventure

People looking at Jewish art at a fair in Brooklyn

My latest overseas art trip to revisit New York and New Jersey and to debut in Canada was full of adventures and many learning curves. Some of the highlights include: I am used to the African adventures so these North American adventures were really wild for me. At least I had great stories to tell […]

Opportunity often knocks at the most unexpected time

Brookyn Israel fair with Rav Soloveitchik picture

While my head was still numb from Oct 7, I certainly was not thinking about business in any way yet. Somehow my eye noticed a message on a group “Calling Israeli vendors for a great opportunity”. It caught my eye and aroused my curiosity. I opened the message and read the cryptic call for an […]

Metal art and colorful art?

Hidur event

Metal art integrates with colorful art so incredibly beautifully. I saw this so clearly at our latest art evening with Ben Zion Metal Arts together with the Hidur Gallery in Bet Shemesh. As we set up our stainless steel and acrylic on the center table , I stepped back to see if they were sitting […]

It took 10 years for the pictures to go up

Miller Feinstein pictures on the wall

We moved into our home 17 years ago. But the gedolim pictures went up on our wall only 10 years later! 10 years! What happened in between? I knew I wanted Gedolim pictures on my wall I knew which wall I wanted to hang them on I knew which Gedolim I wanted And I knew […]

“This is for you” she said to her husband

Chofetz Chaim and Rav Kanievsky pictures

“This is for you” she said to her husband and brought him into the living room to see the metal gedolim portraits. Today I went to the home of a local family. They asked me to bring our Gedolim artworks over to see how they would look on the lounge wall. I walked into a […]

Jewish Geography

rav kook and rav soloveitchik pictures on wall

Us Jews we are intrinsically connected on so many levels. There is the historic connection the geographic connection and the hashkafic connection and then these are all influenced by 🏃 where our family originated and where they traveled through 🏃 where our family settled down 🏃 where we attended yeshiva / seminary 🏃 the leaders […]

“one day my picture will be up there too….”

rav_shteinman_portrait_from_stainless_stee rav_sonnenfeld

When you choose to put a picture of a gadol on your wall, you choose: 💣 impact 💪 strength ✈️ greatness With a gadol on your wall, you choose There is a story told of Rav Gifter – when he was a young bochur he had several framed portraits of Gedolei Yisroel on the wall […]

Rav Alter and our artwork

Rav Alter with a portrait of the pnei menachem

The final invitation had just been sent out. The annual shul siyum was happening. Each person was checking to ensure that they had completed the learning they took upon themselves the year before, ready for the announced date. The main speaker of the event was announced. Rav Daniel Chaim Alter, Rosh yeshiva and youngest son […]

Survival through connection

Gdeolim pictures of many rabbonim on the wall

Jews have survived the generations through their connection to their Rabbonim Its our trademark secret In fact it’s a halacha And it doesn’t matter if you are Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Chassidik or Litvish Or if you are Chareidi, Modern Orthodox or Dati Leumi We all have our Jewish leaders that care for us, are our moreh […]

Fundraising in the Jewish world is an art

Jewish fundraising with Moti Vitman in Keristir

The success and continuation of all our Jewish charities, shuls and learning programs depends on them. We were privileged that one of our artworks was given to the master of fundraising in the Israeli yeshivish world, Moti Vitman as a token of appreciation. The menahalim and Jewish directors had worked together over many months to […]

Jewish history

Pnei Menachem Gerrer rebbe portrait

Our Jewish history is our strength. Jewish history gives us the strength to create a new Jewish reality We keep ourselves connected to our mesora and our leaders on a yearly cycle and use it to build on and propel us towards a stronger future. We connect to our leaders from Our connection strengthens us […]

Who did you choose to put up on your wall?

Gedolim picture

So you finally decided to invest in beautiful Gedolim art on your wall. Now comes the hard part. Who are you going to choose ❓❓❓ I have been through this with so many of my customers. Moshe decided to buy three artworks to hang in their dining room. But when the family sat around the […]

Presenting to YossiG Design

YossiG Jewish architect in Williamsburg meets with Ben Zion

Travelling to East Williamsburg was quite an adventure. Not your typical Jewish neighborhood. The lobby of the building was so beautifully and creatively designed that we knew we were entering a professional creative space. As we arrived at YossiG the admin was so courteous to us and showed us to the conference room where we […]

Two weeks without my wife

Gedolim pictures on the wall of a beautiful kitchen. Rav Kanievsky, Rav Shteinman, Rav Finkel

My wife went away for 2 weeks to visit her family. She left us with everything we needed. Freezer packed, tasks defined, schedule, phone numbers and everything that we might need to get through. We knew what had to be done and how to do it. We had done it before. It should have gone […]

I had never met a Gadol

rav soloveitchik rav sonnenfeld steipler rav moshe feinstein metal portrait the chofetz chaim metal portrait

I had never met a Gadol I was not from one of the families that go visit them on every family trip to Israel or wait in line late into the night to speak to them for a few minutes. I cannot say I had a personal connection. But I had an intrinsic connection. I […]


Mishpacha magazine article with Naama Goldberg

Kids, we are in Mishpacha! No Ima, YOU are in Mishpacha. No! WE are in Mishpacha! The article titled “Meet Naama Goldberg” in the Mishpacha magazine seemed to imply this was all about one person. But when we started reading through the article, we realized we are all in there, integral parts of the story. […]

Laser cutting metal lessons

pnei menachem rav shayale

What I learnt working with laser cutting metal: Lasers strength is variable – if the intensity is too low you can’t cut cleanly but if it’s too high you’ll damage the material. The thickness of the metal defines how intense the laser needs to be in order to cut. Lasers cut in continuous lines! If […]

Entrance tests and Gedolim connection

rav soloveitchik rav kook rav sheinberg metal portrait rav moshe feinstein metal portrait

This week my son has his entrance test to yeshiva ketana. It was an intense week for all. It was amazing watching the kita chet boys shteig together, learning every minute they could to get in one last minute of learning in before the test. But what was even more amazing to me was when […]

Minimalism is a breath of fresh air

rav shteinman rav gustman rav finkal

Minimalism takes form, color, and space and reduces them to such simplicity to attain their essential nature. At this point, the philosophy goes, one can’t remove anything else from the design to improve it further in any way, shape or form. That’s when you know that true minimalism has been reached. In our world full of […]

Our space is precious

chofetz chayim lubabich

Our space is precious. And powerful. It impacts our productivity. It impacts our well being. It impacts our growth. Wall art has to be integrated into our space in our homes and offices in a way that promotes the atmosphere that we want to cultivate. It has to be chosen carefully in relation to the […]

I wanted a home not a house

Chofetz Chaim photo on the wall of an office

When we got married, we started rearranging our belongings to create the beginning of a house. But I was really working towards creating a home – a Jewish home. The mezuzos went up first, the candlesticks, kiddish cup and havdalah set which were wedding presents went on the shelf next. The few seforim I had […]

The top ranking keyword on Etsy

rav shteinman rav gustman

Did you know what the top ranking keyword on Etsy for the last few months is?? minimalist! so what is minimalism then? At its core, minimalist design (or minimalism) is functional. No extras, no waste. Every element—including shapes, color palette and typography—is necessary. A simple geometric shape or form is given the power to stand […]

Good art evokes strong emotion

ovadia yosef baba sali

Design evokes emotion. Good art evokes strong emotion. My mother-in-law is a contemporary artist. For close to a decade she focused on the theme of “War and Play”. Her body of work for her degree was aptly called “Weapons of mass destruction – Games people play” One of her first works focused on Tisha Baav […]

I connect to beautiful things

rav soloveitchik rav kook rav sheinberg metal portrait rav moshe feinstein metal portrait

I connect to beautiful things. Don’t get me wrong, I am a very spiritual person, but I enjoy beautiful things. I naturally gravitate towards them with no encouragement. And if I find something unattractive or it clashes with my design sense it is unlikely to last around our home. And that’s why it took us […]

Jew in a foreign land

Sephardi chachamim portraits in gallery on wall

Leaving Yeshiva was a big decision. Deciding to study engineering in a university was also a big decision. Understanding the issues I was about to face in my new surroundings did not let me sleep easily at night. How would I remain firm in my yiddishkeit? How would I gain the good and not have […]

Ase Lecha Rav

Pnei Menachem portrait in office

How am I supposed to have a kesher with a Rav when I am at work most of the day? Creating a connection with a Rav is of utmost importance in maintaining a strong connection to yiddishkeit and its values. All the more when you are out of the walls of a Beis Midrash most […]

Find your community!

Litvak gedolim portraits from Ben Zion fine arts

When we emigrated we left a thriving community that I was an intrinsic part of.⠀⠀We knew we had to move and we were grateful for the opportunity to move to an established torah community with a job already confirmed. But we were still scared and concerned.⠀⠀We had ticked off all our most basic checks.⠀⠀✔️ Income […]

Two day shabbos in New Zealand?

metal gedolim artworks in hotel lobby

The international dateline has no bearing in halacha but it can cause quite a headache when crossing the halachik dateline. The international dateline is situated 180 degrees from Greenwich in London and very conveniently cuts through the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It zig-zags a bit to ensure that all of the Aleutian Islands are […]

Chag at work

Gedolim pictures in lobby of office

The flimsy nature of the sukkah can represent the uncertainty in our own lives. This feels especially resonant in 2021. We do not know what the future holds. Who will be struck by Covid, or wildfires, or hunger, or financial collapse, or any other multitude of possibilities?   And so my friends, this is where […]

Games or Chinuch?

rebbe picture on succah wall

Two months before Succot my boys came back from shul with a few small cards with pictures of Gedolei Yisroel. Its the latest series, they said. We get doubles so we can also swap with our friends and get more of the collection. Each time they learnt on Shabbos over the next few weeks they […]

Our succos story

Moshe feinstein picture on our succah wall

Succot was pivotal in developing our metal gedolim artworks. Our strong desire to hang Gedolim pictures in our home as a focal point for our family values and inspiration never went away, but we never found aesthetic pictures that we could integrate into our modern home design. We were on the prowl every erev Succos, […]

Connect to the leaders in your field

Modern metal portrait of Rav Shach in an office

In our professional lives we try to connect to the leaders in our field. We should do no less in our spiritual lives How can I bring a connection with gedolim into my life? buy biographies of the Gadol Hador to read and have at home for reference buy kids books with pictures and stories […]

Make your home a Makom Torah

modern gedolim portraits on living room walls

I love my work as a professional but that’s not the entirety of who I am – I’m also a husband and father as well as a frum yid. That’s why I have seforim on my office shelf as well as textbooks, and why I have pictures of gedolei yisroel on my wall next to […]

Never stop learning.

modern gedolim portraits in contemporary office

At yeshiva, in your office, in your home It’s hard to be a professional and keep connected to your learning. Here are some tips to connect your yeshiva years to your office life: 👉 listen to a shiur while you commute to and from work 👉 have a chavrusa with a workmate over lunch a […]

Judaica juxtaposes faith and art

modern jewish portraits on hall wall

The Israel Museum’s Judaica exhibit left me reeling in the depth of Jewish history and finding my place within it. Judaica and history? The kiddish cup, mezuza and tallis I had always had in my home. With the variety of interpretations of the Judaica in front of me, I became aware of all their precedents […]

This is my G-d and I will glorify Him

Sephardic chachamim portraits in a modern room

Hiddur Mitzvah is to glorify or beautify the observances and celebrations within Jewish tradition as a demonstration of our commitment to G-d. This value challenges us to think about not simply following a mitzvah, but doing so with intentionality, purposefulness, and thoughtfulness. How can I make a mitzva beloved to me? learn about it plan […]

The impact of our Gedolim lives forever

Shteinman metal artwork near shabbos table

Sometimes we only understand the true impact of people once they are gone. When Rav Shteinman (the Ayelet Hashachar) passed away we all stood aghast unsure of what we should do. He had been the center of our everyday Jewish lives with his name constantly mentioned as the Gadol Hador. Strangely enough he became even […]

My Zen home

4 gedolim on all above couch

How can I create a Jewish ambiance in my contemporary home? Here are some tips to start with… 👉 define a home for your shabbos candles 👉 design a place to wash before a meal 👉 choose mezuza covers to match your interior design 👉 leave a prominent place to display the silver pieces 👉 […]

Every detail counts in chinuch

Jewish art in modern office with gedolim portraits

My company is so huge that the traffic blocks the local highway!⠀⠀Our working hours are modified to accommodate the roads. as the traffic caused by workers arriving and leaving blocks the surrounding roads.⠀⠀It means that I have to leave for work at 5:30am before my children wake up.⠀⠀But at least I’m home for supper with […]