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Your Jewish Origins

When I was 17 I discovered my huge family of cousins.

My far cousin was having a local wedding.

Suddenly I was inundated with cousins flying in from all over the world and I had no clue who they were!

I grabbed my dad and sat down with him to draw a quick diagram of my extended family to plug everyone in and understand how we all connected.

While we were drawing lines and scrambling to tape more paper together I remembered various names and family that we had once visited and asked how they fit in.

And so we taped another page and went back another generation to get them in.

And from there the questions started flowing.

There were some people my dad did not know how to fit in and I was referred to my all knowing aunt and from there to the next all knowing great aunt.

And suddenly there I was three or four generations back in Lithuania.

And then someone mentioned “you know we are related to the Vilna Gaon of course!”

And my head was spinning. Lithuania, Skudville, Vilna Gaon and me.

This eventually lead me on a 20 year research journey to gather ancient photos and stories from all over the world and compile them together and release a book on amazon for all the 2000 cousins to access wherever they were in the world.

So they too could understand their Jewish origins.

So they could understand where they came from and who the Gedolim around them were.

And to be strengthened to bring this into their Jewish future and their children’s, as it had strengthen me and my children.

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