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Who did you choose to put up on your wall?

So you finally decided to invest in beautiful Gedolim art on your wall.

Now comes the hard part. Who are you going to choose ❓❓❓

I have been through this with so many of my customers.

Moshe decided to buy three artworks to hang in their dining room.

But when the family sat around the catalog to choose, the discussion erupted 🧨

Its not an easy decision.

When you are choosing between such great men,

each one an incredible talmid chacham, baal middos and mashpiah, its not simple.

Sometimes we feel a connection to one of them because we had the zechus of meeting them for a few minutes, or attended their shiurim and were affected by their teachings.

Sometimes the connection is more distant and we just feel a closeness to one of the Gedolim from previous generations.

It really makes you really stop and consider the influence of the Gedolim in your life.

👉 Even if you never met them.

👉 Even if they never lived in your lifetime (the Ben Ish Chai from the 1800’s)

We are still connected to them.

And they affect our daily lives… in learning, in daily halacha, through Shabbos-table stories and so much more.

And then there are our Rosh Yeshivas and our own Rabbonim.

Each family takes their time to choose and comes up with a combination that works for them.

If you had to choose three Rabbonim to put up on your living room wall 🖼️, who would you choose?

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