Sephardic chachamim portraits in a modern room

This is my G-d and I will glorify Him

Hiddur Mitzvah is to glorify or beautify the observances and celebrations within Jewish tradition as a demonstration of our commitment to G-d.

This value challenges us to think about not simply following a mitzvah, but doing so with intentionality, purposefulness, and thoughtfulness.

How can I make a mitzva beloved to me?

  1. learn about it
  2. plan it
  3. make it aesthetically beautiful to you
  4. give it a central place in your home
  5. speaking often about it

When a mitzva is encased in some yummy food or a fun event or a beautiful design, then I am running to do it with full kavana!

That’s why we have the concept of “Hidur mitzva”, literally meaning, “the beautification of a mitzvah,”

Chazal understood human nature.

Not to say that we don’t do mitzvahs lishma, but they understood that enabling me to invest in it to bring it closer to me makes me connect even more with it.

I totally felt that to my bones with my gedolim portraits.

I yearned to have pictures of gedolim as a central focal point in my home. A reminder for myself, my spouse, my children and all the visitors that frequented our home, as to our values, our focus and what we are striving for spiritually.

But as much as I wanted to have them up, I needed to find Gedolim pictures that fit into the contemporary design aura of my living room. I wanted to live peacefully with them integrating into our lives and into our home.

The design had to integrate too.

It took me years to find and finally I did!

I have my set of three stainless steel modern portraits of Rav Elyashiv, The Steipler and Rav Shach up on my wall as I had always wanted.

And my spouse, my children and our visitors all feel their influence in the most beautiful, powerful yet unobtrusive way as we lead our daily lives.”

When you beautify a mitzvah, you bring it closer to you.

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