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so what is minimalism then?

At its core, minimalist design (or minimalism) is functional.

No extras, no waste.

Every element—including shapes, color palette and typography—is necessary.

A simple geometric shape or form is given the power to stand in for a more complex object or idea.

Simplicity in form and composition is valued above all things.

In its most stripped-down definition, minimalism is about designers expressing only the most essential and necessary elements of a product by getting rid of any excessive and, therefore, unnecessary components and features.

We embrace the concept in all our stainless steel Gedolim portraits until the very last laser cut.

Our artwork is a minimalistic representation of our beloved gedolim.

We work on every artwork to remove as much detail as we can while ensuring that the Gadol is immediately recognizable and not just some Rav on the wall.

It takes much time and patience to go up and down to get it just right.

To perfect the characteristic that makes each Rav himself while eliminating the other details that are not necessary

Minimal but immediately recognizable.

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