YossiG Jewish architect in Williamsburg meets with Ben Zion

Travelling to East Williamsburg was quite an adventure.

Not your typical Jewish neighborhood.

The lobby of the building was so beautifully and creatively designed that we knew we were entering a professional creative space.

As we arrived at YossiG the admin was so courteous to us and showed us to the conference room where we were to present to Yossi’s team of designers and architects.

What we had not prepared for was having to present our modern Gedolim portraits to a team partly comprised of non-Jewish designers and architects.

The basic tenants of Jewish values that are implicitly understood by everyone else we had previously presented to suddenly were not there and had to be described in a clear fashion which emphasized the most important aspects of the Jewish way of life.

It was quite a moment – having to clarify for ourselves what our Gedolim and our Rabbonim really mean to us and to our lives so that we could give it over to others from scratch.

It did us good, though.

Too often we assume basic things and don’t take the time to really think our lives and our values through.

We not only wowed the team with our presentation but we also strengthened ourselves with the clarity of our Jewish values.

Have you taken time to clarify for yourself what the gedolim mean to you and your life?

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