modern gedolim portraits in contemporary office

Never stop learning.

At yeshiva, in your office, in your home

It’s hard to be a professional and keep connected to your learning.

Here are some tips to connect your yeshiva years to your office life:

  1. 👉 listen to a shiur while you commute to and from work
  2. 👉 have a chavrusa with a workmate over lunch a few times a week
  3. 👉 keep a easy sefer around to read through when you need a break from work
  4. 👉 bring in an external speaker once a month for an office “lunch and learn”
  5. 👉 put modern Gedolim artwork on your office walls to decorate your office
  6. 👉 when you finish a mesechta or sefer make a siyum in your office with your workmates

Never stop learning

At yeshiva, in your office, in your home

My years at Yeshiva ended with me going to university, but over the years I have worked to keep up a connection.

I am in touch with the Yeshiva periodically.

I visit it and meet up with the Rabbeim whenever I am in the country.

I’m in touch with my old chavrusas and friends.

And I help out the alumni fund as best I can.

A few years ago they had a Jubilee celebration with a yarchei kalla. As soon as I heard about it I booked tickets to fly over and attend. I spent an incredible and inspiring long weekend with friends and Rabbeim.

But most of all, I look forward to the day I will be able to take my sons to visit and to sit with them in the beis hamedrash, amongst the hundreds of other bochrim and learn for a while.

I still remember the words my Mashgiach told me the last time we met before I left the yeshiva, and I try to live by them .

“We are not balei battim who learn once in a while, but instead bnei yeshiva who work most of the time – we have a responsibility to support our families and need to work to earn a good living, but our real home must always remain in the beis hamedrash”

Bring your yeshiva years into your office and your working life.

Start by putting a modern artwork of a Gadol up on the walls of your office today.

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