4 gedolim on all above couch

How can I create a Jewish ambiance in my contemporary home?

Here are some tips to start with…

  1. 👉 define a home for your shabbos candles
  2. 👉 design a place to wash before a meal
  3. 👉 choose mezuza covers to match your interior design
  4. 👉 leave a prominent place to display the silver pieces
  5. 👉 incorporate Jewish art on your walls
  6. 👉 hang Gedolim pictures to match the style of your interior

A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually.

I want my home to reflect both my aesthetic taste and my value system.

All people’s living environments reflect their activities and proclivities.

Some homes are design victims of people who are too busy or too distracted to care, and some homes are both considered and designed to give us a chance to flourish, relax and live fully.

How do we achieve that happy, Zen home environment?

🌟 Organization, colors and values.

When life is overwhelming, I find taking a break and organizing my home give me a chance to regain some control, to create a little zen in a sometimes maddening existence.

Basic rules like “have a place for everything, and then everything will be in its place” apply. Making a place for our necessary items gives us an advantage against the ever-present anarchy of “stuff”.

The next layer of creating calm is coordinating a color pallet.

Cool colors, warm colors, eclectic colors, traditional colors, color of the countryside. Keeping the visuals ordered, calms us. When the palette aligns with our souls, there is resonance and joy.

Now our clutter is cleared and our color is coordinated, what is the value message we want to reflect off our walls?

My home décor is an eclectic mix of textures and artsy craft.

I have hand-painted tehillim, family canvas paint night Hannukah projects and oh-so-cool stainless steel rabbonim on my walls, reassuring my neshama that all is sane in the world.

That we, the Jewish people, have strong anchors and that my children will grow up seeing their Torah values reflected around them in a myriad of artistic styles.

Now that your living room design and color is coordinated, what is the value message you want to reflect off your walls?

Ensure your children will grow up seeing your Torah values reflected around them in your artistic style.

Put a portrait of your Torah leader on your walls today

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