Kids, we are in Mishpacha!

No Ima, YOU are in Mishpacha.

No! WE are in Mishpacha!

The article titled “Meet Naama Goldberg” in the Mishpacha magazine seemed to imply this was all about one person.

But when we started reading through the article, we realized we are all in there, integral parts of the story.

The kids found themselves and their grandparents and cousins in the article. They found that events in our home and family history described, and how everything has come together with all of us playing a part to bring us to this point.

And when others slowly started asking our kids about the artworks, how we learn about our Gedolim at our shabbos table and about the kids trips to Geula to find photos, they internalized their achievements and their part in our achievements.

They could be proud of their home and the values that they were actively investing in.

We felt very humbled and proud seeing that our pursuit of so many years to get Gedolim pictures on our wall that we could happily live with, inculcated the desired values into our children.

Values of the importance of having the Gedolim as part of our lives and the understanding of the big web of diverse Jewish leaders out there who we respect and look up to.

And not least-of-all, the value that one should set goals and work towards something that is important!

May Hashem enable us to spread the light of the Gedolim upon our families and the greater Jewish world.

Read the article here

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