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Minimalism is a breath of fresh air

Minimalism takes form, color, and space and reduces them to such simplicity to attain their essential nature.

At this point, the philosophy goes, one can’t remove anything else from the design to improve it further in any way, shape or form.

That’s when you know that true minimalism has been reached.

In our world full of excesses and kitsch, minimalism is a breath of fresh air.

This timeless design concept has been used in various eras throughout human history, and by different cultures.

But minimalism, as we know it today, is actually a relatively new concept as far as design is concerned.

Minimalism is always a reaction against unnecessary excess that can obscure great design.

This has been the case in art, architecture, web design…you name it.

And now it is the case with Gedolim pictures.

Our minimalist Gedolim artworks are crafted from stainless steel and acrylic. We use these minimal clean materials to start with as a background to achieve our minimal style.

And with that we bring Gedolim pictures into the modern age of design.

Bringing timeless values into designer homes.

Bring them into our homes.

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