Hidur event

Metal art and colorful art?

Metal art integrates with colorful art so incredibly beautifully.

I saw this so clearly at our latest art evening with Ben Zion Metal Arts together with the Hidur Gallery in Bet Shemesh.

As we set up our stainless steel and acrylic on the center table ,

I stepped back to see if they were sitting right and I was blown away at the beautiful setting!

Behind them were beautiful oil paintings, watercolors and mixed media canvases.

Others were worried,

❓ how could you hang metal portraits next to canvases?

❓ how could you set up contemporary art together with traditional Jewish art?

❓ how could you integrate minimalistic metal art with colorful impressionist art?

But we were not concerned.

On the contrary, the modern minimalistic stainless steel artworks compliment the colourful canvases so well.

The combination creates so much interest and highlights each other.

I have seen this in the many homes that we have hung our artworks in.

Our metal gedolim portraits synthesize so beautifully with the colorful traditional art on the other walls.

And actually calms down the room and makes it feel bigger with the neutral design.

( be”h may we see Jews of all stripes and colours synthesizing together to form a beautifully tapestry of Am Yisrael )

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