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Keep the connection going

My years at Yeshiva ended with me going to university, but over the years I have worked to keep up a connection.

I am in touch with the Yeshiva periodically.

I visit it and meet up with the Rabbeim whenever I am in the country.

I’m in touch with my old chavrusas and friends.

And I help out the alumni fund as best I can.

A few years ago they had a Jubilee celebration with a yarchei kalla. As soon as I heard about it I booked tickets to fly over and attend. I spent an incredible and inspiring long weekend with friends and Rabbeim.

But most of all, I look forward to the day I will be able to take my sons to visit and to sit with them in the beis hamedrash, amongst the hundreds of other bochrim and learn for a while.

I still remember the words my Mashgiach told me the last time we met before I left the yeshiva, and I try to live by them .

“We are not balei battim who learn once in a while, but instead bnei yeshiva who work most of the time – we have a responsibility to support our families and need to work to earn a good living, but our real home must always remain in the beis hamedrash”

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