Sephardi chachamim portraits in gallery on wall

Jew in a foreign land

Leaving Yeshiva was a big decision.

Deciding to study engineering in a university was also a big decision.

Understanding the issues I was about to face in my new surroundings did not let me sleep easily at night.

How would I remain firm in my yiddishkeit?

How would I gain the good and not have my ruchnius affected by my new surroundings?

I would no longer have the support of my Rebbeim or of my friends around me learning all day and would have to rely on myself to try maintain the level I had attained in yeshiva.

Just like the Yidden in Mitzrayim who retained their names, clothing and language; I needed some way to create a reminder for myself of where I came from and where I wanted to be.

I built my arsenal including maintaining my way of dress and maintaining a chavrusa every day, and making sure that I took an active role in my community activities.

Boruch Hashem it worked and I was able to earn myself a degree in engineering and maintain and grow in my Yiddishkeit in those years too.

Like Yaakov Avinu in the house of Lavan – we work and are active in the wide world but we need to maintain our identity so that we can grow in our Yiddishkeit.

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