Miller Feinstein pictures on the wall

It took 10 years for the pictures to go up

We moved into our home 17 years ago.

But the gedolim pictures went up on our wall only 10 years later!

10 years! What happened in between?

I knew I wanted Gedolim pictures on my wall

I knew which wall I wanted to hang them on

I knew which Gedolim I wanted

And I knew the style I needed to align with my home.

What happened???

As much as I searched I could not find the Gedolim pictures I needed.

Pictures that integrated into a home designed in a modern invested style.

I searched for years. I wanted those gedolim pictures so badly.

But I needed them to align with my design style for my personal well being.

It was that important.

And so eventually my husband and I started brainstorming ideas to create our own pictures.

And a few years later, after much trial and error, we had three beautiful metal modern artworks of our gedolim on our wall.

And that’s when they caught others eyes,

and they wanted them too,

they had the same challenge that I did,

and we had the solution that felt right.

And so our international art business of Gedolim art started…

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