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I had never met a Gadol

I had never met a Gadol

I was not from one of the families that go visit them on every family trip to Israel or wait in line late into the night to speak to them for a few minutes.

I cannot say I had a personal connection.

But I had an intrinsic connection.

I knew the Gedolim are an intrinsic part of my Jewish life, identity, growth and direction.

I knew one of the first items I wanted up on the walls of my home were Gedolim photos.

The fact that it took so long for me to get them up is another story… But the wall remained empty until they were up.

My personal connection grew as I learnt more about them through their biographies. (We now have quite a collection of gedolim biographies on our shelves)

My children now connect to them both through the portraits on our walls, the shabbos table stories of their maasim and the stories they hear at school.

Some of my children have now visited Gedolei Yisroel to receive brochos over the last few years.

We hope having them as role model will keep us and our children growing in the right direction despite all the challenges that we face in life. 

What’s your connection to the gedolim like?

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