Jewish art in modern office with gedolim portraits

Every detail counts in chinuch

My company is so huge that the traffic blocks the local highway!⠀

Our working hours are modified to accommodate the roads. as the traffic caused by workers arriving and leaving blocks the surrounding roads.⠀

It means that I have to leave for work at 5:30am before my children wake up.⠀

But at least I’m home for supper with them before I run out to night kollel and they go to bed. ⠀

I don’t have much time with my kids, but over the years I have learnt that a little quality time is powerful and that every supporting detail put in place counts. ⠀

On shabbos I make sure to learn individually with each child.⠀

I seat them around me at the shabbos table. ⠀

Now my 2 sons join me for maariv and learning time at shul each night. ⠀

But for the time I am not at home, my wife and I have made sure we have structured our home with strategically placed chinuch elements surrounding us and our children. ⠀

Our set of gemorahs is prominently placed in our living room. ⠀

Our candle sticks and Judaica have a mechubadik central place.⠀

Our gedolim pictures on our living room wall cannot be missed every time we walk into the house.⠀

With chinuch every detail counts in giving over your values.⠀

What do you have in place?⠀

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