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Entrance tests and Gedolim connection

This week my son has his entrance test to yeshiva ketana.

It was an intense week for all.

It was amazing watching the kita chet boys shteig together, learning every minute they could to get in one last minute of learning in before the test.

But what was even more amazing to me was when my son came to me to ask if we could go to the local Rav to ask him for a brocha the day before the test.

We are not a family that goes round visiting Rabbonim in other cities for brachos, but we strive to be connected to our rabbonim and our gedolim in every aspect of our lives.

When he called me for the third time to make sure that we had a time to go meet the Rav and I saw how important it was to him, I smiled a secret smile and had a moment of great nachas.

I always daven to Hashem that our children should always be connected to the rabbonim
and through them to the gedolim

And have our torah leaders with them and connected in all the stages of their lives,
wherever they go and keep them on the straight and narrow.

And I smiled a secret smile knowing that having our four gedolim artworks on our wall and the stories we tell about them had a part in ensuring this value was close to his heart.

( Baruch Hashem he was accepted 🙂 )

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