How am I supposed to have a kesher with a Rav when I am at work most of the day?

Creating a connection with a Rav is of utmost importance in maintaining a strong connection to yiddishkeit and its values. All the more when you are out of the walls of a Beis Midrash most of the day.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to find your rav:

👉 Find someone who can understand you, where you come from, where you at at now, and where you want to be

👉 Find a Rav that is accessible to you (at davening, by email, by phone)

👉 Note the exact times and ways you can contact him when you need to

👉 Find a way to meet the Rav periodically personally, attending a shiur, davening together

Dont give up on finding YOUR Rav, its critical to your spiritual endurance.

עשה לך רב

Finding a Rav to connect with was not easy for me.

I have alot of questions. I need to understand how things work down to the finest detail.

Some Rabbonim dont understand my need and mistake it for other intentions.

But I never gave up in trying to find a Rav.

When I moved to Israel it took much time and determination to find my Rav.

I was determined as I knew the importance of having a connection to a Rav, someone that you can talk to, that you can ask questions to and that can understand and support you through the ups and downs of daily survival.

After a few attempts going from shul to shul, I finally found my Rav.

A Rav that could hear my questions, consider them, deliberate with me and challenge me.

A Rav who was also able to say when he didn’t know the answer but would go up a rung to his Rav to make sure he had a clear answer for me.

I must say I almost got myself into trouble a few times and only because of my strong connection to my Rav did I not get kicked out of the shul!

Like the one time my Rav was giving a shiur to the kehillah and I was standing at the back as I had arrived a few minutes late.

At some point the Rav mentioned something, and I muttered under my breath “that is not correct”.

Unfortunately the Rav’s son happened to be standing right next to me and heard what I said.

He later told his Rav that I dont agree with him!

The Rav called me in to discuss the matter thoroughly and in our discussion he considered what I had said and changed his stance somewhat including the situation I had brought up.

But most of all he was there to talk and discuss and meet me at where I am.

Finding a Rav that you can connect to is the foundation of a strong connection to Torah and Jewish life for you and for your family.

Dont give up on finding your Rav!

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