Style that shares
your values

The greatness of our Gedolim lights our way in the world.

 Our homes are a reflection of our values.

Ben Zion creates unique modern Jewish art that combines the grace and elegance of modern design with the essence of Torah values.

Chason Ish and steipler metal artworks in modern interior
Modern portraits of Jewish Rabbis on modern interior wall

Now with Ben Zion’s modern Gedolim pictures you can have portraits of your most beloved Jewish figures in the style that suits your home.

Crafted from stainless steel, these unique Gedolim portraits are a new take on the timeless greatness of Torah leaders. All portraits are framed and ready to hang.

Each portrait can stand alone or be combined to create a showstopping centerpiece to grace your walls.

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Have the majesty of Torah greatness reflected in the style that fits your home

Thoughts on Jewish art, Torah connection and design

Ben Zion Signature Art
The story behind Ben Zion Art

“You did this??” Upon hearing about our new business initiative – Ben Zion Fine Arts, people kept asking us these questions. “How did you do

rebbe picture on succah wall
Games or Chinuch?

Two months before Succot my boys came back from shul with a few small cards with pictures of Gedolei Yisroel. Its the latest series, they

Moshe feinstein picture on our succah wall
Our succos story

Succot was pivotal in developing our metal gedolim artworks. Our strong desire to hang Gedolim pictures in our home as a focal point for our

Daily Inspiration With Your Torah Leaders
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