Shteinman metal artwork near shabbos table

The impact of our Gedolim lives forever

Sometimes we only understand the true impact of people once they are gone.

When Rav Shteinman (the Ayelet Hashachar) passed away we all stood aghast unsure of what we should do.

He had been the center of our everyday Jewish lives with his name constantly mentioned as the Gadol Hador.

Strangely enough he became even more part of our lives after he passed away.

Everyone felt such a strong connection to him and a drive to ensure he remained part of our lives.

We saw this all around us.

Starting with the massive funeral – levaya, that almost every family we knew had someone going to.

Then the new girl’s school that was just opening up called themselves “Ayelet Hashachar “after him.

The new shul that was being dedicated also made their new name “Ayelet Hashachar”.

Every family around us that gave birth to a boy that year called their son Yehuda Leib.

We want a connection with our Gedolim so much that we don’t want to let them go.

We want them to carry on in our every day lives and in our names.

We finally put a picture of him on our wall so that he could continue to be a guiding light in our home and lives always.

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