Gedolim Portraits

Ben Zion offers a collection of framed Gedolim pictures, rendered in brushed stainless steel on a second layer of acrylic background.
This modern Jewish art can easily be integrated into any home or office.

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Modern Gedolim Pictures

This collection of modern Jewish art is unique in its modernity and its relevance to orthodox and ultra-orthodox Jews.

Well known Jewish leaders, gedolei hador, spanning many sects of Judaism, are rendered in a contemporary style while retaining the clearly identifiable image of the Rav.

Jews have always sought to be surrounded by their inspiring leaders and it is an established custom to put gedolim pictures on the walls of their homes and offices to instill their values on themselves and their children.

World renowned Rabbonim from the Ashkenazi Litvak world,  Tzaddikim from the Sephardi world as well as Chassidic Rebbes are integrated into this growing collection of Torah giants.

Now there is a new, clean, modern Judaica that allows these Torah leaders to integrate into a modern interior design and be able to continue their inspiration into the new generation.

They go by different names but the concept is the same. Pictures of Chassidsh Rebbes, Gedolim pictures, Tzaddikim pictures, pictures of the Lubavitcher Rebbe are all an established custom to hang on the walls of a Jewish home.

Jewish art is evolving in the frum world. Just as many people now use the services of Jewish architects and interior designers to design their homes and offices in a modern clean look, so too they seek Gedolim pictures that fit in to the modern asthetic that they work so hard to achieve and devote many resources to.

They are extatic to finally find modern jewish art that meets their needs and that they can finally hang on the walls of their homes and offices.

From Jerusalem to Beit Shemesh, Los Angeles to Lakewood to Brooklyn, London to Manchester, the entire Jewish world is so excited with this new art form.

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